Chas Holloway Bio

Charles (Chas) Holloway is an American writer, publisher and lecturer noted for coining the term “Open Source Government” and for developing fundamental concepts in that field. He is the author of the book The End: The Fall of the Political Class, Book One in the Open Source Government series. He also authored the Constitution for the Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde Nation, is a consultant for the micro-nation LiberLand, and is a board member of the Science of Freedom Foundation.

Born in La Jolla, California, he is the grandson of aircraft tycoon, Reuben H. Fleet, Founder and President of the Consolidated Aircraft Company, the largest manufacturer of Liberator Bombers during World War Two. Although Mr. Holloway’s main interest is the use of science to understand social phenomena, he also has an extensive background in popular media and has worked on countless projects with notable artists such as Theodore Sturgeon, George Clayton Johnson, Clive Barker, William F. Nolan, Danny Simon, John Truby, Michael Shermer and even Weird Al Yankovich.

Currently, Holloway has just completed Book Two of his Open Source Government series, Breakout: Technology Vs. the Nation State. He also lectures on scientific epistemology and on how social phenomena can be understood using scientific reasoning.