Tribal Administration

Chief of the Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde Nation

AA1 Chief Carlos Runningwolf

Medicine Woman 

M1 Sara Eaglewoman
When Sara Eaglewoman was quite young her family recognized that she had the gifts of intuitive vision and the ability to heal. She is known by many as the Urban Shaman, one who practices the ancient ways bringing them to life to heal and transform in today’s world. She brings the gifts of the Eagle to the trenches of today’s society and ones own personal life challenges. Described by those who have experienced her work as a “Miracle Worker”, “Holy Woman” and a “Doctor of the Soul”, Sara Eaglewoman is a conduit of the light, an open channel through which the Great Spirit works. She is a bridge to the Ancestors and Ascended Masters. A mystic and visionary of impeccable discernment, she embodies integrity and devotion. Eaglewoman transforms your life by changing the “outcome” to “become”.

Tribal Chief Runningwolf is very honored and very pleased to have on his staff a very knowledgible, competent and well spoken Medicine Woman. Her resume speaks for itself.

Tribal Council Members

C1  Candice Rose H.

C2  Richard H.

C3  Nighthawk

C4 Dino M.


S1 Men – Open Seat

S2 Women – Open Seat

S3 Elders & Children -Open Seat

Domestic & International Policy Advisers

P1  Coming Soon!


Attorney General Greg “Red Feather” Arnold

L1  Molly

Ambassador Council

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Amb. Leigh Whitewolf

G.A. Jack Freeman

G.A. Belenda Flying Hawk

G.A. Delmus Jeffery

G.A. Sarah “Sleeping Squirrel” Porter

Falcon Council Members (Economic Development Team)

F1  Mark

F2  Charles H.

F3  Sky C.

F4  Kevin V.

F5  Leigh Whitewolf

President of Operations and Management of Casinos in Nine States and Canada 

O1 Mr. Ivan Sky Eyes

Entertainment Directors

E1 Lake Elsinore –  Jimmy Lee Young

E2 Coming Soon!

E3 Coming Soon!

NOTE: These positions are still in the process of being filled as tribal membership grows.

We are looking for Volunteers and Interns to do office work at home on their computers. If the tribal members show competency and due diligence in the performance of their work for a period of one year, when the nation’s trust funds are filled, we will provide them an income of $60,000 a year, tax free. We will also pay retroactively for the year of work they have done without supervision.



To approve any legal action, the following is required:
Tribal Chief’s Signature, Notarized
Tribal Council Signatures, Notarized
Tribal Corporation Seal
Oversight Committee of Economic Development Signature, Notarized