Federal & State Correspondence

State of California Tribal Nation Recognition 

CA Executive Order N-15-19
Native American Ancestral Lands

Download Document:  N-15-19-Executive-Order 

“It’s called genocide.”
– Governor Gavin Newsom

Tribal Chief Carlos Runningwolf accepts your apology on the day that you executed the document.

SBA Letter Addressing Tribal Chief Carlos Runningwolf

Indian Self Determination and Education Assistance Act of 1975 (PDF) – Click Image Below to Download

25 US Code Subchapter 2  – 450f – 450n
Part B Contracts With States 451-457

(Wikipedia Article) – Click Image Below to Download

EPA Policy Cosultation and Coordination with Indian Tribes (PDF) – Click Image Below to Download

IRS Document Issuing the CAMN Nation’s Domestic EIN Number

Federal Agency Correspondence Addressed to The Chief of the CAMN Nation

EPA is a federal agency and is addressing the Chief of the CAMN Nation regarding one of it’s recognized Hubzones.

Letter from the AZ Office of Attorney General