Hawkeye Truck Driving School

Hawkeye Truck Driving School will prepare individuals with little or no commercial driving experience to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License. Students who do not already have a valid Commercial Driver’s License Learner’s Permit will be prepared for that exam.

Instruction in truck driving fundamentals and laws are followed by behind the wheel training. All the required testing is included with your training so that you can acquire your Class A License with us.


Carlos Runningwolf Mendoza

Chief Carlos Runningwolf is the founder and CEO of Hawkeye Truck Driving School.


Mike Zehr
Driving Instructor & Coach

Bio hazmat instructor, driver, class explosives A B C.
Trainer, poison gas transport, atomic nuclear waste transport certified.
Worked for Tristate (secret fleet)

Mike Zehr is a master driver. He won 100,000 miles with no ticket citations.
and has worked with hazardous waste transportation state to state, Mexico and Canada.


Mark O’Bannon
Office Manager & Logistics Coordinator

Office manager and logistics coordinator.