Apache Nation Joins The Blockchain


Building the World’s First Free Society

Chief Runningwolf of the Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde Nation, a Native American tribe that has risen out of obscurity, wants his Mimbreno nation to be the first to completely operate its government on the blockchain.

The Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde are an ancient people who eventually settled in west Texas, near El Paso. During the 1870s their most famous Chief, Victorio, led his people against the American Army who had been confiscating their ancestral lands. Victorio was killed in 1880.

Today, the Mimbrenos’ Chief is Runningwolf, and he is an advocate of blockchain technology and a science called Open Source Government.  “The only way to achieve a free society is by using OSG algorithms,” Chief Runningwolf says.

Open Source Government (OSG) is a science that describes social conditions such as “freedom” and “justice” non-ambiguously, using an extremely precise kind of scientific reasoning based on operational definitions.  “When you have a non-ambiguous definition of freedom, you can build the technology to create it – and unlike political systems which are based on confusing and contradictory laws, it works,” says Runningwolf.

Chief Runningwolf recently asked the creator of Open Source Government, Chas Holloway, to write his nation’s Constitution.  Holloway took on the job and it was recently completed, making the Chiricahua Apache Mimbreno Nde Nation the first society in the world to be founded on a genuinely scientific concept of freedom.

“You have to know what freedom is before you can build a free society,” Chas Holloway, creator of Open Source Government says. “If you can’t understand and articulate what freedom is without ambiguity, you can’t achieve it.  That’s why the U.S. Constitution didn’t work.  The American founders didn’t scientifically understand what freedom is and the document didn’t have a glossary of operational definitions.”  In contrast, Holloway claims Chief Runningwolf has a chance to build the first free society in the history of the world.

Chief Runningwolf’s goal is for his tribe to become a micro-nation within a nation.  “We want to have a territorial zone where genuine freedom and genuine peaceful coexistence operate,” he says.

Will the U.S. government allow a free society to exist within its borders?  “After 1997, when Hong Kong reverted to China, the Chinese government allowed zones where free market capitalism could operate.  They were a huge success and they are the reason that China is the economic powerhouse it is today.  We want to be the same sort of thing,” says Chief Runningwolf.


Chas Holloway’s Contact Information:
Phone: (442) 257-8855
Email: CHASOSG@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chas.holloway.92

Book on Open Source Government:
“The End: The Fall of the Political Class”
by Chas Holloway
Available HERE at Amazon.Com

(Read the CAMNNation’s constitution HERE)