CAMN Bitnation Passport

Bitnation Releases First Batch of Diplomatic Passports

Bitnation Diplomatic Passport

These first passports are Bitnation Diplomatic passports and require rigorous background checks as well as 2 interviews. There will be a standard non-Diplomatic passport issued in 2019.

14th of October 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands Bitnation has issued Vienna Convention compliant passports (ICAO and ISO/IEC 7810 ID-3 standard and machine readable) to the public, ambassadors and core team members to allow users to travel as they work with nations and communities looking to assert sovereignty. The passports are recorded on the Ethereum blockchain and use the Bitnation Jurisdiction app’s Public Key as a unique identifier.

Bitnation has begun a process to get its passports recognized as Laissez-Passer — similar to those issued by national governments or international organizations like the UN as emergency passports, for travel on humanitarian grounds or for official travel. Bitnation is seeking equal privileges and immunities to those of other nations – as set out by the Vienna Conventions on Consular and Diplomatic Relations – for its passport holders. The Bitnation passport program builds on the Bitnation Refugee Emergency ID, which won the prestigious UNESCO Netexplo Innovation Award Grand Prix in 2017: previous winners include Twitter and Spotify. A standard non-Diplomatic passport will be issued in 2019.

Bitnation releases first batch of Vienna Convention compliant diplomatic blockchain passports.